Modifying a 1952 Chevy Truck. Original bodywork - modern upgrades.

1952 Chevy Truck Specification.

This is an ongoing project. It is a rolling restoration. Completion 2017

Upgrades and modifications completed so far,

Engine specification,

350ci (5.7L) small block, stock, generation 1 Chevy V8.
Street Demon 1904 carburettor.
Edelbrock 2701 aluminium inlet manifold
Electronic ignition.
GM Performance "Chevrolet" rocker covers.
Sanderson performance "header" exhaust manifolds.
SBC aluminium finned deep oil pan with high volume pump and hardened drive shaft.
Car plan semi synthetic 10W 40 motor oil.

Transmission specification,

Extreme Automatics Stage 2, 4 speed 200-4R automatic transmission with overdrive. Aluminium finned oil pan,
Lokar 24" flexible dip stick tube with dipstick
"Trick Shift" transmission fluid.

Rear axle,

Chevy Caprice rear axle.


Front - Speedway Motors 11" disc rotors and callipers.
Rear - drum brakes.
Speedway Motors stainless steel power assist servo unit and chrome master cylinder.


Speedway motors power steering rack.
March Performance "Tuff Stuff" chrome saginaw power steering pump and reservoir and Mr Gasket chrome pulley.
Grant Signature steered wheel.
Iditit 30" custom steering column with options - key ignition, tilt, column gear selector, wiper control,
cruise control, polished levers, gear selector indicator.


Front - Mustang 2 with Speedway Motors tubular upper and lower suspension arms.
Coil springs from Eaton Springs Detroit.
Bilstein shock absorbers.
Rear - Leaf springs. 8 leaves reduced to 5
Bilstein shock absorbers.
Bump stops from a "Ford Ranger" truck fitted.

Wheels and tyres,

American Racing 15" Ventura deep dish (-19 degrees) alloy wheels. 8" wide.
Cornell 1000 235/75 R15.

Other features,

Spal high performance electric fan.
Rebel Wire 21 Circuit wiring harness and fuse box.
Air conditioning.
10 way power seats with integral seat belts.
21 gallon stainless steel fuel tank under the bed forward of rear axle.
Heavy duty truck heater.
HID headlights dipped and main beam.
LED tail lights.
Radio CD with 4 speaker surround sound, 5.1 channel amplifier.
Bosch S5 battery. Battery box modified to take this battery.
Summit Racing 140A chrome alternator.
Gauge cluster has been upgraded to modern electric gauges without affecting 1952 original appearance.
Single glass windows installed in 1952 doors.
Truck bed mounted on 4 rubber engine mounts and isolated from frame, body and running boards.
(Eliminates rattles and stress fractures between bed and truck).
Full size spare wheel under bed behind rear axle.
No gutter rails to reduce wind noise.
More legroom for the driver now available due to "podding" the foot-well. Firewall in this area is extended forwards by 2-inches.
Hirschmann electric aerial.

Sound deadening materials,
Stainless steel nuts and bolts extensively used.

Planned upgrades and modifications for 2017 -

Windscreen washer to be fitted.
A hard tonneau cover will be designed manufactured and fitted in 2017.
Radiator will be upgraded.
Air conditioning compressor and compressor bracket will be upgraded.

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