Modifying a 1952 Chevy Truck. Original bodywork - modern upgrades.

Jan 2016 - Feb. 2016. LED tail lights upgrade.

LED rear lights.

Shown above are the new LED (1955) tail lights used in this upgrade.
It is a few years (2007) since the modern tail lights which came with the truck were removed. They are shown below.

Old rear lights. Old rear lights. Old rear lights.

1947-53 tail lights are shown below and the 55 (LED) tail lights are shown at the top of the page.
I preferred the "55" lights and they were fitted. At that time they were only available with filament bulbs.

1947-53 rear lights. 1947-53 rear lights.

I also thought the 55 lights looked very good when they were stacked with two on each side. The lower lights being
for all of the usual functions and the upper lights used as reversing lights. The upper lights were originally
modified with halogen bulbs and clear lenses. However, the lights were let down by the rubber boots on the back
for cable entry and the black untidy cable wrap. In addition, someone in the past had welded heavy angle on
the sides of the bed stake holders to hold the lights. These lights and old brackets are shown below.

55w tail light modifications. Nov 07 55w tail light modifications. Nov 07. 55w tail light modificati4ons. Nov 07.

The thick angle has now been removed and replaced with a neat stainless steel bar which bolts into the stake holders.
The pictures below show a temporary steel bar, the stainless bar will replace it after the truck has been painted.
Recently there has been a move to LED lights in the auto industry and now new "55" replacement LED lights have become
available in this format. The lower lights were replaced with this new version and the halogen bulbs were removed from the
upper lights and white LED bulbs were fitted. It was then important to address the cabling problem. By drilling 20m holes
in the back of the lamps (at the cable entry), glands could be fitted and stainless steel flexible conduit used.
The new lower lights only used the bulb holder as a connector and so removing it and drilling a hole at that point was
possible. Another hole higher up in the lower lamp made the cable link from the upper lamp possible. The upper lamp
also had a 20mm hole drilled in place of the lamp holder. A new lamp holder and bulb was fitted above the hole. A 20mm
hole was also drilled near the bottom of the stake holder. The final design and appearance was exactly what I was
looking for. The rear lights are now neat and look excellent.

LED rear lights. LED rear lights. LED rear lights.

Update 2017 pictures below are from 2016 after the truck was painted.

LED rear lights. LED rear lights.

LED rear lights. LED rear lights.

Update 2019 - In 2019 dome headed nuts replaced normal nuts to further improve the appearance.

Dome headed nuts.

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