Modifying a 1952 Chevy Truck. Original bodywork - modern upgrades.
1952 Chevy truck menu page. 2007-2020

Chevy Truck in America Chevy Truck in America
Truck history. 1998-2007

Buying the truck in South Carolina in 2007.

Shipping to the UK.

Chevy truck in the UK Chevy truck in the UK June 2007 - Dec. 2007

Handling issues

High Intensity Headlights

Improved Tail Lights

Reversing lights

Engine upgrades 1

Plans for cab upgrades

Chevy Truck handling issues

Rear axle Rear axle

Chrome Diff Cover
Dec. 07 - April 08

Correcting the handling issues.

Power steering rack alignment.

New front springs.

Rear Suspension -

Rear springs and rear axle.

April 2008 - January 2009
(with 2019/2020 updates)

Bilstein rear shock absorbers.

Rear bump stops.

Rear lowering blocks.

Chrome Diff Cover.

21 gallon under-bed stainless fuel tank 21 gallon under-bed stainless fuel tank 3 part exhaust stainless mufflers Decoupling the bed.
April 2008 - January 2009

Modern dual power brakes.

21 gallon under-bed stainless fuel tank.

Professional fuel filter and shut off valve under the truck.

3 part exhaust stainless mufflers

Decoupling the bed.

Stainless steel bed rails.

Chevy Truck cab Chevy Truck cab Jan 09 - June 09

Cab rust.

Making a flat floor.

None destructive approach.

Making the seat brackets.

Preparing & fitting new seats.

Chevy truck spare wheel Chevy truck spare wheel July 09 - Sept 09

Fitting an underbed spare wheel

Fitting a 2-inch receiver towing hitch

Front end strip down Chevy Truck cab
Sept 09 - Nov 09
Front end strip down.
Making a clean firewall.

"Podding the firewall".
Providing more leg room.

Nov 09

Taking the disassembled truck to the British Classic Car Show.
Repairing and remodelling the inner wings Repairing the Jan - Feb 10

Repairing and remodelling the inner wings (fenders)

March 10 - April 10.

Repairing the "A" pillars.

June - July 10.

Front end preparation and re-assembly.

Mufflers Air conditioning pipes Truck heater ducts and vents Restoring the front wings Dec 2010 - Feb 2011.

The 2nd front end strip down through the winter.

Moving the air con drier.

June 09 - Feb. 2011

Great sounding mufflers.

Feb. 2011 - March 2011.

Air conditioning mods, air con. and heater pipe routing.

March. 2011 - April 2011.

Fitting a powerful heater.

Making the air conditioning and heater pipes.

July 2011.

air conditioning vents.

July 2011.

Painting the front wings.
Rims and tyres Rims and tyres Aug 2011

Wheels and Tyres.

Checking and setting castor, camber and tracking.

Chevy truck links Rear speakers Front speakers Restoring the running boards Restoring the running board Aug 2011 - Nov 2011

Removing the gutter rails to reduce wind noise.

Oct 2011 - Nov 2012

Fitting front and rear speakers and a 5 channel amplifier.
Updates were done in 2016 when the carpet was fitted around the speakers

May 2014 - April 2015

Restoring the running boards including a new improved method if fixing them.

Battery box Chevy truck doors Chevy truck springs Chevy truck transmission Engine performance upgrades Sanderson Header Manifolds Chevy 2015 pictures Chevy 2015 pictures Dec. 2014 - Jan 2015.

Battery box upgrade

Battery box switch update 2019

Bigger battery / box update 2020

Feb 2015 onwards

Modifying and restoring the doors.

March 2015 - August 2015

New Springs

2011 - 2015

Restoring the front grill.

2014 - 2015

Fitting a new performance 4 speed transmission

2015. Pictures of the truck.

Taking stock and planning ahead with pictures.

June - Aug 2015
Engine performance upgrades.

Sanderson header manifolds.

Jan. 15 - Sept 2015.

New steering wheel (and steering wheel history).

July - Sept 2015

New steering column and other steering upgrades.

Nov 2015 - Jan 2016

New fuse box and wiring loom.

End of 2015 progress report.

Improved tail lights. Gauge cluster. under dash gauges. Throttle cable. Electric aerial.
Jan. 2016 - Feb. 2016

New LED tail lights.

March 2016

Street Demon Carb / 200r4 Setting the TV dent cable

March 2016 - April 2016

Modifying the original gauges to modern electrical types but without changing the appearance.

A very accurate reed type fuel sender upgrade.

Adding a rev counter and transmission pressure gauge under the dash.
(March 2017 update)

May 2016 - November 2016

Dangerous throttle cable problems

December 2016

Fitting an electric aerial

Painting the truck Painting the truck Painting the truck March 2016 - April 2016

Painting the truck. The aim was to try to finish the truck at the end of 2015 and through the winter. Further upgrades resulted in a delay but painting took place in March and April 2016. The wood in the bed was also restored.

June 2016 - July 2016

This included upholstering the seats, new carpets, new headliner, new door panels, upholstering the arm rests, painting the sun visors, painting the plastic ends on the seats, painting the centre console

Tonneau Cover Tonneau Cover Front number plate bracket Front number plate bracket
April 2016 - January 2017.

A hard tonneau cover.

No Drilling! Zero impact.

After a year of design, testing and manufacturing I have decided to market this product. See the link to the new web site below.

April 2017. Correcting the front bumper brackets.

April 2017. Windscreen washer kits. No drilling, hidden jets, hidden tank.

May 2017. A new polished stainless steel bracket to hold the front number plate.

TCI Mustang II ifs TCI Mustang II ifs TCI Mustang II ifs Transmission cooler Water pump Top Hose and Water Neck TCI end-to-end ifs cross member, suspension, steering and brakes.

Feb - March 2019.
Complete front end strip down to chassis.
TCI Mustang II ifs step by step install.

Jan. 2020 brakes uprade.
Willwood calipers on TCI rotors, master cylinder, proportioning valve and booster

April 19 - checking the rear axle for rear disc brake upgrade.
Oct. 20 - rear disc brake upgrade.

Cooling pacakage, engine and transmission.

Feb-March 2019
Comprehensive engine and transmission cooling package.

October 2019
Monitoring and controlling transmission fluid temperatures.

May 2017. Hood ventilation tip.

May 2018.
Radiator bottom hose drain plug mod.

March 2020.
Coolant hose plumbing.

May 2020.
Top hose and water neck.

Engine dress up. Special compressor alternator mounting bracket and polished compressor Engine dress up. Special compressor alternator mounting bracket and polished compressor Engine dress up. Special compressor alternator mounting bracket and polished compressor
Engine dress up. Special compressor alternator mounting bracket and polished compressor. Top hose.

New chrome 9" booster and master cylinder. (July. 2021)

Evolution of engine bay from 2007 to 2021.

Also -

Fitting a bull horn under the fender.(June 2019)

Fitting a throttle return spring.(June 2020)
Power assisted disc brakes front and rear. Power assisted disc brakes front and rear. Wilwood calipers. Power assisted disc brakes front and rear.
This page is dedicated to the whole completed braking system.

Evolution of braking system from 2007 to 2021.

Parking Brake Cable.

2nd transmission cooler Larger battery box
2nd transmission cooler
(Oct. 21).

Larger battery and larger battery box (Dec. 21).

New chrome 9 inch booster and master cylinder Fuel filter with shut off valves Fuel tank air inlet vent
New chrome 9" booster and master cylinder. (July. 2021)

E10 fuel and fuel filter upgrade. (Dec. 2021)

Fuel tank air inlet vent. Allows air in to replace used fuel. April 2023

Painting the truck
A complete list of all the mods.

Links to parts suppliers and forums.
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