Modifying a 1952 Chevy Truck. Original bodywork - modern upgrades.

Truck parts links page.

Check out a new hard tonneau cover (bed lid) for the 1947-53 Chevy truck.
Model - "Zero Impact Ultimate 3100" Tonneau cover. Fit without drill holes in your truck.
You can read about it and you can order it. It is available now.

Jim Carter's classic truck parts.
Located in Missouri USA. Telephone: 1-816-833-1913
The number 1 source of parts for original trucks
Best to send for a catalogue.

Speedway motors.
Located in Lincoln, USA. Telephone: 1-800-979-0122
Speedway Motors is America’s Oldest Speed Shop.
A fantastic source of parts for hotrod classic trucks
Fast international mail order.
Best to send for a catalogue.

Hotrod parts

TCI Engineering.
Probably the best end to end ifs on the market and lots more stuff for Chevy trucks.

Heidts Hot Rod Shop.
Located in Wauconda, USA. Telephone: 1-800-841-8188
Performance suspension parts for hotrod classic trucks
Best to send for a catalogue.

Summit Racing.
Located in Ohio, USA. Telephone: 1-800-230-3030
A very good source of parts for any vehicle
Sales lines are open 24/7

Ricks gas tanks.
1st class builder of custom gas tanks

Rebel Wire.
Great wiring looms

R&M Specialties
Spart plug wire dividers brackets

Extreme Automatics
Probably the best automatic transmissions you can find anywhere

Flexible transmission dip sticks and many more Hotrod products

Excellent gauges including rev counters and transmission temperature.

VDO transmission pressure gauges
Not many companies make transmission pressure gauges.

Sanderson Headers
These headers are made for the 77-54 Chevy truck with Small Block V8

Street Demon
Excellent Carburetors from Holly Performance Parts. 750cfm

Centech fan controlers
Fan controllers for engine or transmission.

Mooneyes Speed Equipment
Lots of Hotrod stuff. Excellent water pumps.

Vintage air
Air conditioning for trucks.

Maradyne truck heaters
Powerful truck heaters.

Ididit Steering columns
Designed for hotrods and custom cars.

Tuff Stuff Performance
Power steering pumps with 850psi for Mustang 2 power steering racks.

Spal Automotive USA
Probably the best fans available.

Classic Performance Parts (CPP)
Probably the best master cylinder on the market.

Race Car Dynamics. (Steve)
Located in California USA. Telephone: 1-619-588-4723
Bilstein shock absorbers.

Transmountracing ebay hot rod parts company
Transmountracing eBay store
Supplier if excellent chrome universat brake boosters (servos).
They are also a "Wallmart seller", selling the Chrome 8" booster through Wallmart in the USA.
Also seem to be called "Demotor".

Derale transmission coolers
Best coolers available

Billet Specialities
Billet Specialties, Inc. 500 Shawmut Ave. La Grange, IL 60526. Telephone: 1-708.588.0505
This company produces the highest quality polished billet aluminium parts I have ever seen.
In particular, check out the water necks and the overflow tanks.

Wrecking yard for modern vehicles / seats.
Robertson Auto Salvage (and "rascarparts")
Located in Wareham, USA.
A good source for modern seats and prepared to ship internationally.

Wrecking yard for late model SUV seats.
I have found a very good wrecking yard in North Vegas. I have been there a several times over the
last few years and they typically specialise in late model SUVs e.g. 2000 onwards. An ideal source for good seats.
See TNH Auto Wreching Tel. (US) 702 642 8086 Address - 5380 Novak St. Las Vegas, NA 89115

A large US Forum. Well worth checking out.
Our local club.

How to Build Hotrods.
Excellent advice pages including leaf spring rear suspension.

Find a truck on ebay.

An excellent very comprehensive search engine. Find everything.
Probably the biggest search engine in the world.

Click on the banner below to see our new web site.

It is about a new hard tonneau cover (bed lid) for the 1947-53 Chevy truck.
Model - "Zero Impact Ultimate 3100" Tonneau cover. Fit without drill holes in your truck.
You can read about it and you can order it. It is available now.

Hard tonneau cover for the 1947-53 Chevy truck. Hard tonneau cover for the 1947-53 Chevy truck.

Click on the banner above.

• A hard tonneau cover. Completely rigid, solid and strong. Folding.
• Zero impact. It can be fitted without drilling any holes in the truck. All paint work protected.
• Does not detract from the appearance of the truck. Enhances the appearance of the truck.
• With the cover removed and just the hardware kit showing it still looks "show quality".
• When the cover is fitted but open it still looks excellent and does not detract in any way from the appearance of the truck.
• The cover can be removed in under five minutes.
• All materials and finishes are of the highest quality.
• There is a choice of hardware support finishes to suit painted or patina trucks.
• A water drainage system is included to prevent water from leaking into the bed.
• Better than original factory quality. Just look at the pictures above.
• The model shown is supported by a mirror polished stainless steel installation kit.
• This tonneau cover is for the - 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953 Chevy truck. Advanced design stepside 3100.

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